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Green detail

              The devil is in the details. A green devil this time. Sometimes the […]

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Milan Fashion Week

The fabrics, the patterns, the silhouettes, the styling, the vibes, the street style photographers.. oh man! Milan Fashion Week was […]

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Purple on the top of the city

                The old city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.. Oh gosh, how I love this […]

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            French with a twist. Actually I feel like this outfit is a soup of […]

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Emerging Talents

There are many talents out there when it comes to making artistic fashion, and I was lucky enough to meet […]

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All in Le Coq Sportif

In collaboration with Why Not AS / Le Coq Sportif.               It´s a “kick-off” kind […]

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The Roman Stadium

                      The Stadium of Trimontium in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was built […]

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Red for the Holidays

            Merry Christmas, with a little delay. The time here in Bulgaria is passing by […]

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Trust your own madness

    Mad Matter: “Have I gone mad?”     Alice: “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you […]

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Fashionable Christmas Table

Last week I was at a Christmas Table (called Julebord in Norwegian) with the Insp Love girls and Why Not […]

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