In collaboration with Chantelle.

Curves, thin, big boobs, middle-sized boobs, small boobs, Kardashian ass, middle-sized ass, no ass at all… She is who she is, take it or leave it. Because it doesn’t really matter as long as SHE feels good in her own body.

A woman should not feel forced to look sexy and good all the time, without even feeling comfortable. For a woman to feel good, she should first of all feel comfortable in the underwear she wears. Let´s face it, if a woman wears a sexy lingerie for her man one night, what is the focus there? The woman or the lingerie? It´s the woman of course, not the lingerie. The woman should be 100% the focus, and the lingerie a small bonus. So the underwear should not wear the woman, but the opposite: the woman should wear the lingerie! Because she is the main thing that is sexy in that room at that time, she is the focus, not what she is wearing. You feel me?
And if she feels comfortable that night in what she is wearing, and you make it even better by complementing her, then the night will be one hell of a good ride. He-he! Come on, it´s logical.

I feel truly sexy and good only when I´m comfortable. So this underwear does it for me! It fits me well, and shows off my curves perfectly.

When all that is said, I just have to add that this is the best underwear I have ever used, simple as that! It fits all body types, and it´s perfectly comfy. Like, REALLY comfortable!

The new campaign “Overthrow Underwear” by Chantelle is a call to action for new ways of viewing lingerie, by avoiding seduction, body-image, problem/solution or humor. By putting the focus on individual style and fashion. It´s so creative, thoughtful and new! This Soft Stretch underwear is a one size underwear, and was designed to simply overthrow restrictions women currently feel with their underwear.

Like Chantelle has written: “By focusing on adapting to women’s shape rather than forcing her into a size, Soft Stretch is the product manifestation of what it means to Overthrow perceptions or feelings about Underwear.”

Anyways, this is my favorite underwear now! And I wore it gladly at the beach in Bulgaria this september-oktober.


– N