In collaboration with Ileen Girl.

Sad news, it´s the 1st of September and the summer is over… Naaah! Not for me. I just can´t seem to let go of the hot air and the beach quite yet, I have therefore decided to travel some more, hopefully around Italy, or one more time to Bulgaria. Anyways, outfit of the day is:










This dress from Ileen Girl!!! I looove it! It´s perfect for every occasion; the beach, dinner out or just a casual day of shopping in the city, and it´s so comfortable. I decided to style it with accessories in colors similar to it. Basically brown, beige, gold, silver, black and white. These colors complement each other pretty well, and that creates a nice balance through out the whole outfit. I also think that adding more than one belt is an awesome “extra” detail!


– N