In collaboration with Fabiana C.







I love this dress from Fabiana C, it´s different than other dresses I have, and it shows off my curves so well. Every piece of print, silhouette, texture and detail is just unique, and it´s suitable for almost every occasion. The designer Fabiana Chang creates design that’s artistic while wearable, and she is known for her use of color and texture. My favorite part about this brand is the usage of vibrant digital-prints. It´s amazing how she mixes the delicate with the bold. It´s just so playful and artsy. Totally my taste of style!

When it comes to my summer so far, it´s been both sunny and rainy. I´m in Bulgaria right now, near Sunny Beach. Enjoying the sea breeze, food and company. I´m totally in vacay mood now, so I´ll get back to you guys when I end my vacay. Obviously, hehe.


– N