In collaboration with Ileen Girl.








The blouse and the hat that I am wearing here is from a brand that I recently stumbled upon, called Ilene girl. I really like their pieces, they fit with everything and the quality is so good! Their designs are classic, but in the same time unique in their own way, and I love the colors they have chosen to use throughout the collection. I got also a dress from them, that I can´t wait to show you!

Here I have taken the blouse and styled it in a bit more interesting way than usual, because you all know me, I like to play with fashion. To make it more stylish I have added a belt around my waist, and I also tied the shoe lace over my jeans, so it could look a bit more.. how can I call it..? Unusual. This idea actually came to me right after I chose the shoes for this outfit. I just wanted to try and see how it would look, and ended up keeping it that way.

The classy white hat is in a soft material by the way, which means you can put it in your suitcase or bag with no worries about ruining the form. Perfect for traveling!

You can find the blouse HERE. They have it also in other colors. And the boater-hat HERE. They have also other types of hats.
You can also find a lot of inspiration on how to style their pieces on their instagram HERE. Super nice! And I really like their pictures, they are just so creative and vintage.


– N