The devil is in the details. A green devil this time. Sometimes the details complete the outfit, and sometimes they are not so important. If you feel like it, put on some big earrings or necklaces, just to pimp up the ootd a bit. But be sure to find that common thread tho, so it fits with the outfit. I really like it when the whole thing gets the right “symphony”, ya know? I mean, nowadays fashion is one big, bowling soup of everything, like, ALL together, and the trends are mixed as f. I really like that, but there are limits, because one minute you can look totally awesome, but the other you just look like you live on the streets and threw on the first thing you found. So yeah, just think a little! Or if you are one of those people who don´t give a f and don´t mind fashion tips, that´s totally fine too. In the end of the day, whatever it is, just go with your own flow of things!

– N