The old city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.. Oh gosh, how I love this city! The stunning old buildings and fascinating Roman ruins wow me every time, also the view over the whole “new” city from the hills. All of it just gives me an amazingly good vibe.
The architectural reserve in the old city of Plovdiv features archaeological sites, museums, art galleries, old houses (from the Renaissance period as Balabanov House) and religious temples (the churches St.Constantine and Helena, St. Marina, St. Nedelia, St. Bogoroditza), cafes and restaurants, romantic courtyards and picturesque cobblestone streets. Some of my favorite things about this old city is the the Roman theatre, the remains of the Roman Forum, not to mention the symmetric smooth pavement streets and the amazing churches. Btw, did you know that Plovdiv will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019? Well, now you know, and now you have even one more reason to visit the city! The place is getting better and better.

I did these pictures in January when I was in Bulgaria for the holidays, but didn’t manage to post them until now. About the outfit, I have always liked the color purple, in all possible shades. This color hasn’t been out there for a while, but as you have probably seen it’s back! All winter the shops were full of it! Now the purple-trend is a bit lighter and brighter, since spring is on it’s way.
And thank God it’s spring soon! This morning I actually heard the birds singing outside. It was pretty early and cold, but that doesn’t stop the small passionate singers. I can imagine it’s a bit warmer here in Italy than Norway tho.. so I’m not complaining.


– N