The Stadium of Trimontium in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was built in the beginning of the 2nd century AD during the reign Emperor Hadrian (117-138), and is among the largest structures from the time of the Ancient Rome in the Balkan peninsula. The stadium is one of the many preserved buildings from the time of the Roman empire in Plovdiv. The facility, approximately 240 m (790 ft) m long and 50 m wide, could seat up to 30 000 spectators, and the seats are made of solid marble blocks (40 cm high and 75 cm wide), not to mention that the front parts are decorated with stylized lion paws. I mean, how cool is that? So big and so old, but still so stable. Today, the northern curved part of the Stadium (sfendona) is partially restored and is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Plovdiv.
It´s seriously amazing, so if you are ever in Plovdiv, you have to visit this masterpiece. It´s a “must see”. The stadium is located in the centre of Plovdiv, under the main pedestrian street, so it´s quite central. But only the northern end of the edifice can be observed at Dzhumayata Square, because the larger portion still lies beneath the buildings along the main street, running south from the visible part. By the way, now it’s the right time to plan your trip to Plovdiv. Because in 2019 Plovdiv will be the cultural capital of Europe, and it´s getting more and more magnificent. 

Now, about the outfit, I decided to be a little bit more spontaneous with this one. In the beginning I thought of choosing a gray or a black sweater, to match with the rest of the outfit, but then I followed my gut and changed into a green military pattern hoodie to make it a bit mishmash. I love to play with patterns and silhouettes, and make the outfit “crazy”. That´s just my style.


– N