In 2 weeks time I´m moving abroad. Say whaaat? Yes, that’s right, I’m moving, and hopefully for good. I can´t say anything for sure, because no one knows what the future holds and everything can happen, but I will finally follow my dreams in Italy. As I have mentioned earlier, Italy has always been in my heart. I’ve always felt good there for some reason. I do not quite know why, but it’s a damn good feeling.



I decided to move earlier than planned. The reason why I didn’t share this with you guys until now is because I wanted to be 100% sure that I was going, and it all happened pretty quickly actually. I already had plans to move there after the summer to take a masters degree in fashion, but then I began to speed up things a bit. I mean, why not just go out there now? Nothing is holding me back here in Norway anymore, and I have postponed it long enough, so..

In any case, I must learn the language first, so that´s why I decided to move now, to learn Italian before I start my masters in Milano. I applied for the school, got accepted, found me a place to live and bought a one way ticket. So I’m on it, and while I’m learning the language, I want to explore the Italian fashion industry, and have already started on some projects. You probably remember all my trips to Italy in 2017, well, I didn´t just take a vacay, but I also went to do some work that you will see more of in the year to come. So 2018 looks bright right now. Of course I’m a little scared and have thousands of different thoughts swimming around my head at once, but at the same time I can´t wait to start a new and exciting adventure. New year, new life. I´m ready!



I hope you all will continue to follow me on my crazy journey, it´s gonna be one hell of a ride! And as some of us know, an adventurous heart never changes.

– N