Merry Christmas, with a little delay. The time here in Bulgaria is passing by so fast and the schedule is full with stuff to do, people to see and things to buy. Holidays with family is always like that, but I love it!

Guess what, this red dress is as old as me… 23 years! My mum wore it on New Year’s eve 1994, and my grandmother chose to keep it in her closet until now. I decided to wear it on Christmas Eve, and styled it with the colors black and burgundy to achieve that Rock Chick/Punk vibe. It´s not often you see me in a typical vintage dress, but this one is different, maybe because it’s my mom´s (now mine, hehe). I don´t know, but I really like it, and it´s different, so…
The shoulder pads are still a part of the dress, as you can see. A trend that slowly starts to come back, so let´s say hello to the 1980’s, once again!

– N