Last week I was at a Christmas Table (called Julebord in Norwegian) with the Insp Love girls and Why Not AS. The location for the night was an extremely nice villa on Holmenkollen where we got served sushi and wine. The view was btw amazing, we could see all Oslo! We had a great and cozy evening where we all got to know each other better, thanks to Insp-Love and Why Not AS. I am sure we all had a blast. I prefer to show you the whole night in pictures, rather than writing about the details.
You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words!











For all of you who don´t know what Insp Love is:

Insp Love is being held by the company called Insp Fashion. Insp Love is a meeting place where bloggers and fashion brands get to know each other, and where the brands can find new brand ambassadors. Insp is also an app that anyone can download on their phone from App Store for free. Insp App is a social network for fashion and beauty bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers, followers and readers. All girls around the world can share their style and outfits on Insp, and if you find a cool outfit that fits your taste, you can easily check where to get the clothes or accessories. At the same time, it’s very easy to create your own account and post photos.

There are many famous bloggers to find on Insp, so they may leave a comment on your outfit, or a little styling tip. You can find my profile under the name Nicole GK. I think this app is wonderful just because girls can inspire and motivate each other stilily. This is GIRL POWER for sure! Finally there is an app where the focus is 100% on the actual outfit and not on everything else.


– N