You walked into my life – made my knees weak,
All my two blue oceans wished to seek.
We gave it so much,
God, how I loved your touch.
Only love and no regret – please remember,
Just don’t forget.

We took a walk on the wild side,
Got burned on this ride.
It was soft and sour,
Until our final hour.
Only ashes left under the moon.
Baby, is this pain ending soon?

The love was not enough,
Why did it get so rough?
We were born to die,
And I still wonder why.
Suddenly it all got dark and hard,
There was no more flowers in our backyard.

You said it final – now it’s done,
You just walked away – my heart was gone.
It was all for you,
What more can I do?
Our end made me so sore,
This world is not for two…  anymore.

The End.

by Nicole Kotseva