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Beige and Brown

In collaboration with Ileen Girl.

Sad news, it´s the 1st of September and the summer is over… Naaah! Not for me. I just can´t seem to let go of the hot air and the beach quite yet, I have therefore decided to travel some more, hopefully around Italy, or one more time to Bulgaria. Anyways, outfit of the day is:










This dress from Ileen Girl!!! I looove it! It´s perfect for every occasion; the beach, dinner out or just a casual day of shopping in the city, and it´s so comfortable. I decided to style it with accessories in colors similar to it. Basically brown, beige, gold, silver, black and white. These colors complement each other pretty well, and that creates a nice balance through out the whole outfit. I also think that adding more than one belt is an awesome “extra” detail!


– N


The summer dress

In collaboration with Fabiana C.







I love this dress from Fabiana C, it´s different than other dresses I have, and it shows off my curves so well. Every piece of print, silhouette, texture and detail is just unique, and it´s suitable for almost every occasion. The designer Fabiana Chang creates design that’s artistic while wearable, and she is known for her use of color and texture. My favorite part about this brand is the usage of vibrant digital-prints. It´s amazing how she mixes the delicate with the bold. It´s just so playful and artsy. Totally my taste of style!

When it comes to my summer so far, it´s been both sunny and rainy. I´m in Bulgaria right now, near Sunny Beach. Enjoying the sea breeze, food and company. I´m totally in vacay mood now, so I´ll get back to you guys when I end my vacay. Obviously, hehe.


– N

ILEEN girl

In collaboration with Ileen Girl.








The blouse and the hat that I am wearing here is from a brand that I recently stumbled upon, called Ilene girl. I really like their pieces, they fit with everything and the quality is so good! Their designs are classic, but in the same time unique in their own way, and I love the colors they have chosen to use throughout the collection. I got also a dress from them, that I can´t wait to show you!

Here I have taken the blouse and styled it in a bit more interesting way than usual, because you all know me, I like to play with fashion. To make it more stylish I have added a belt around my waist, and I also tied the shoe lace over my jeans, so it could look a bit more.. how can I call it..? Unusual. This idea actually came to me right after I chose the shoes for this outfit. I just wanted to try and see how it would look, and ended up keeping it that way.

The classy white hat is in a soft material by the way, which means you can put it in your suitcase or bag with no worries about ruining the form. Perfect for traveling!

You can find the blouse HERE. They have it also in other colors. And the boater-hat HERE. They have also other types of hats.
You can also find a lot of inspiration on how to style their pieces on their instagram HERE. Super nice! And I really like their pictures, they are just so creative and vintage.


– N

By the lake






I found this beige shirt-dress randomly in a vintage shop in Milan, I don´t even remember the name of the shop. But I love it, and it´s in stretchy material, as well as it is so light, it feels like wearing nothing. The shoes, oh my, just had to order those home. And last but not least the wonderful accessories; the cherry on top.

– N

Life in Italy so far

Yeees, I am still here! Just took a “small” break from my blog to focus totally on my Italian life. I have had a lot to do in other words. Learning the language, several projects with brands, deadlines and private life. And oh, also dealing with everything that´s going on in my head above all that. Damn, I didn´t think moving to another country would be that crazy. I´m just gonna be honest with you guys, not everything is a dance on roses here. But I´m still settling down, so… hopefully the future is bright. And oh, I finished my Italian school today, so… YEEEY! Finally summer break for me too.

I have lived in Italy since January, and I have to say that I am not as homesick as I thought I would be. Yeah, of couse, I miss some things like my family and friends, and also some “Makrell i tomat” from Stabburet of course, haha. But apart from that, and all the odds I have experienced while living here, it´s actually kind of ok.
The vibe is different around here, and so am I. It´s actually difficult to move to another country where the people have a totally different way of living and acting. Everything goes so fast, and things are kind of chaotic around here. I am used to Norway, even thought I am Bulgarian. Bulgaria and Italy are kiiind of similar. But yeah, things are much more different than I thought. There are both good and bad days here too, believe it or not. It´s not all like in the movies, music videos or books. And it´s a totally different thing to live here than to be on a lovely vacation. Don´t get me wrong now, I love Italy, and all it´s amazing views, food and experiences, but it´s just that life here is a bit different than what I am used to. You have to experience it yourself to understand. I know that one can´t always get what one imagines, but that´s alright, makes it all somehow more exciting.

So, the language. It is a bit difficult to learn Italian, to be honest.. Everything went on in Italian at the language school, and we were not allowed to speak English during the lessons. It´s a good way to learn, but sometimes it´s was a bit confusing. Still tho, I love Italian language, and I really want to learn it as fast as possible, so I can start living, working and socializing with locals. It has always been my dream to speak this beautiful language.

One of the negative things I have experienced is the transport. Oh my, what a system they have here in Italy. Seriously tho.. I´ve been halv an hour (or more) late for my lessons several times. Half of the trains are cancelled and the other half are delayed by 15-30 minutes. I mean, can you even imagine? And oh, they cancel the train like 10 minutes before the train has to arrive, or they change platforms 2 minutes before the train arrives. I just don´t know how many times I have ran like an idiot around the train station, or how much time and nerves I have waisted waiting. It really has been one heck of a ride with the transport here, and not least, incredibly tiring. How do even people get to work every day? I´m not gonna even mention the local transport. Another thing that is taking it´s time is the post. For the post to arrive it takes tripple the time than usual. You get the deal. Anyways, guess I´ll just have to get used to it.

When it comes to work I have gotten a lot out of my stay so far. I have met and collaborated with several interesting international brands, visited showrooms and experienced Milan Fashion Week. So it has been a blast so far, but I also have to admit that it has also been a bit difficult to get into the fashion industry here, and I am still working on it. Still I am really pleased with what I have accomplished so far, and more is coming! It´s all just sooo exciting!

People are usually asking me why I moved here, and left the good life in Norway where everything is almost perfect. And to be honest I kind of get them now, but one thing Italy has that Norway doesn’t is the unique creativity in everything. The art, food, fashion, buildings, history, etc. Come on, we are talking about Italy here. Norway has other goods, and also negative sides of course. Every country has it´s pros and cons.

Anyways, apart from the transport, everything else is great! I´m not gonna go into personal stuff, but I am living my Italian dream by eating pasta or pizza 5 times a week + amazing/fresh gelato, visiting beautiful places, getting inspired, connecting with Italian brands and agencies, discovering new shops, challenging my personal style, and basically just enjoying it all when things are good. So I´m not gonna give up and move back to Norway just because I had a hard start. This is only the beginning, and I believe in change! I believe that with time everything will come into place and that awesome things will start happening.

And yes, I am back! But everything will change a bit around here, so stay tuned. Things are about to get spicy.


– N

Green detail








The devil is in the details. A green devil this time. Sometimes the details complete the outfit, and sometimes they are not so important. If you feel like it, put on some big earrings or necklaces, just to pimp up the ootd a bit. But be sure to find that common thread tho, so it fits with the outfit. I really like it when the whole thing gets the right “symphony”, ya know? I mean, nowadays fashion is one big, bowling soup of everything, like, ALL together, and the trends are mixed as f. I really like that, but there are limits, because one minute you can look totally awesome, but the other you just look like you live on the streets and threw on the first thing you found. So yeah, just think a little! Or if you are one of those people who don´t give a f and don´t mind fashion tips, that´s totally fine too. In the end of the day, whatever it is, just go with your own flow of things!

– N

Milan Fashion Week

The fabrics, the patterns, the silhouettes, the styling, the vibes, the street style photographers.. oh man! Milan Fashion Week was fun. I was lucky enough to go to 4 shows and some collection presentations. But unfortunately I didn´t manage to record or photograph all of them, since one of the days I forgot my camera at home and the last day my phone wasn’t working properly. It´s not easy waking up at 6 am to go to school and then after to a fashion show. We all are trying to do our best, haha..
I have been at Oslo Runway twice, and I have to say that the arrangements are a bit different here in Milan. I don´t quite know how to describe it, you have to experience it to understand.

Anyways, I have gathered some pictures from 2 of the shows for you guys. Theres a lot of new trends coming..









Chanel Joan Elkayam FW 18


… CUTS …



– N

Purple on the top of the city









The old city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.. Oh gosh, how I love this city! The stunning old buildings and fascinating Roman ruins wow me every time, also the view over the whole “new” city from the hills. All of it just gives me an amazingly good vibe.
The architectural reserve in the old city of Plovdiv features archaeological sites, museums, art galleries, old houses (from the Renaissance period as Balabanov House) and religious temples (the churches St.Constantine and Helena, St. Marina, St. Nedelia, St. Bogoroditza), cafes and restaurants, romantic courtyards and picturesque cobblestone streets. Some of my favorite things about this old city is the the Roman theatre, the remains of the Roman Forum, not to mention the symmetric smooth pavement streets and the amazing churches. Btw, did you know that Plovdiv will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019? Well, now you know, and now you have even one more reason to visit the city! The place is getting better and better.

I did these pictures in January when I was in Bulgaria for the holidays, but didn’t manage to post them until now. About the outfit, I have always liked the color purple, in all possible shades. This color hasn’t been out there for a while, but as you have probably seen it’s back! All winter the shops were full of it! Now the purple-trend is a bit lighter and brighter, since spring is on it’s way.
And thank God it’s spring soon! This morning I actually heard the birds singing outside. It was pretty early and cold, but that doesn’t stop the small passionate singers. I can imagine it’s a bit warmer here in Italy than Norway tho.. so I’m not complaining.


– N

To be addicted

the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.


Yes. I, like any other human being, have an addiction. I figured out that there is actually something I can not live without, besides my family, love, food and water. This thing gives me huge pleasure and happiness. Butterflies to a whole new level.



TRAVELING! I love to travel. Nothing new, I know, but seriously, if I won´t be able to travel at least 3 times a year, I´ll get depressed. Normally I pick out the places to visit randomly and buy the ticket the same day. Now, you may think that´s a bit crazy, but for me… it´s pure joy!



I just moved to Italy, and I was in Leeds some days ago visiting a good friend of mine, Iva. A lot of people asked me: “Didn´t you just move to Italy? Why are you suddenly in England?” Like it wasn’t enough with the moving and all, haha. Well, that´s just me! Have to travel when I get the opportunity and the free time. Where do you think I am all summer? OUT EXPLORING THE WORLD OF COURSE! Last summer it felt like the airport was my home.



Anyways, Iva and I have been talking about this trip for probably 2 years, and it finally happened last week. To be honest I just booked the ticket without much thinking, because it was about time that I finally visited England again.

My visit was great, and we had so much fun! I finally ate delicious Bulgarian and British food again. We did a lot of shopping, photoshoots, sightseeing, partying, catching up and much more. Iva and I haven’t seen each other in about 3 years, so it was really nice to see her again, and of course have some loco moments together like good old days.



I also visited York, my old home that I had for one year when I exchanged during High School. So many memories, so much nostalgia.. I really love returning to places with past experiences.
So, tell me! Are you a travel junkie as well?

– N








French with a twist. Actually I feel like this outfit is a soup of sporty, chic and tomboy. A total street style look.

You have probably all noticed that the french beret is back in business, and I just have to say that I love it! When I was in Bulgaria for the holidays, I bought berets in several different colors. I just couldn’t keep my hands off them, and to be honest you can style a beret with all kinds of styles. You just have to dare to try!

– N